Jun. 1st, 2009

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HI EVERYONE (lol.) Been a while amirite.

Guess what DW. I met a booooy. :DDDDDDDDD His name's Gatlin and he's loldorable and an aspiring mortician and he's into Pokeymans and webcomics and my brother refers to him as "the male version of Raina." Yeah, even Ramsey saw it. How awesome is that. (He also now keeps demanding a hot mortician chick from Anna. SIGH.)

Anyway, we went out to Anna and Jason's house-- two of my aunt's bffs for like ever. Anna's the one that introduced me and Katrina, my aunt, to Gatlin because he's her bitch (aka apprentice.) We had that initial awkward "sitting on opposite ends of the couch and glancing at each other" moment, but that ended real fast when we started talking about games and stuff.

He kept looking at me the whole time, but it was in a sweet way, not in a creepy uncle kind of way. And Katrina told me she noticed that his eyes never left the above the shoulder area. Seriously. I have met a one of a kind, trufax gentleman mortician boy. ♥

We pretty much spent the rest of the night drinking coffee and playing dominos and listening to Deadsy (speaking of which, remind me to download some of that shit.) After Olivia, the baby, was put to bed, we got to swear loudly and it was fun.

Some actual quotes:

Everyone else there: SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT

A lot of things about "kak" (say it out loud. If you're us, it sounds like "cock" in a Canadian accent or something.)

BJ: *leans over Anna to get something*
Jason: *leaps on top of the counter in a single bound and frowns at BJ and Anna*

Gatlin: *grabs my purse* I like your purse.
Katrina: That's a good look for you.
Gatlin: ... *poses with my purse*

... I'll have photos from the latter part of that later.

Anyway, and a good time was had by all. Towards the end of the night, me, Gatlin, and Anna all went outside, and then Katrina joined us. Ten seconds later everyone but me and Gatlin disappeared and there was the most awkward of awkward silences quite possibly ever.

FINALLY Gatlin spoke up and we discussed comics and awkward silences and how cool we think each other is. He gave me his MSN and then everyone came back outside; he lent me his shiny copy of Preacher and then we left.

And a good time was had by all. I really, really want to see him again asap. :DDDDDDDD

ANYWAY and then Katrina's bday was yesterday. We all went out to the creek and swam. Olivia is adorable and loves the water and BJ disappeared in a blue canoe for, like, an hour. It was fun!

Anyway now I'm off to eat a sandwich and possibly take a shower. I WILL BE BACK SOON, POSSIBLY WITH RAMBLINGS OF AN RP NATURE.



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